Watching MCCA's 15 Rising Stars and the Future of the Legal Profession

Jean LeeAs your new president and CEO, I am thrilled to be in the pages of Diversity & the Bar. This issue, full of fantastic information, is written by and showcases diverse counsel. Our annual Rising Stars cover story about 15 upcoming lawyers to watch is a beautiful reminder of not only who some of our diverse counsel are but how they came to practice law and give back to the community.

Are you a small business or have clients who are? Hear from the Small Business Administration’s General Counsel on how the SBA can help. You might be surprised what this government agency has to offer and some of the big name companies who were once small that they’ve helped along the way.

Team building. Everyone talks about it and wants to be the best at it. Find out how this law firm built its diverse lobbying team and how they work together.

Is your client or your company considering doing business in an emerging market? If so, our article about reducing bribery risk might be a good primer for you.

Statistics tell us that the legal profession is comprised mostly of men. The judiciary mirrors that. But, we interview three women of color who recount their experiences on the bench. Learn about their perspective in this article and see if you might be interested in this career path.

In our ongoing LMJ Scholarship Alumni series, we track the class of 2007 and interview a scholar who now weaves his legal expertise with teaching.

I hope to see you at our General Counsel Summit next month. GCS offers you and your senior team the opportunity to benchmark your legal department with five powerful educational sessions. This four-day event also provides you 17 networking possibilities in an atmosphere that fosters professional development and connections. Details about GCS, including our exceptional line-up of c-suite speakers, can be found at Your attendance and participation at GCS also helps fund the future through the MCCA LMJ Scholarship Program. The diversity pipeline starts with law students. Find out more about them and this program at

I am excited to be here at MCCA. I look forward to seeing you all at our upcoming events or hearing from you directly about how we can grow MCCA for the future. And, I look forward to sharing my vision for MCCA and the great things we have in store as we prepare to celebrate our 20th anniversary in 2017.

Jean Lee
President & CEO

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