MCCA Launches the 10x10x10 Campaign for Expansion and Development of Services

During the span of its decade-long history, MCCA has made great strides to promote its mission: advocating for the inclusion of minority attorneys in corporate law departments and the law firms that serve them.  During those years, MCCA has extended itself and expanded its scope; in addition to issues of ethnicity, it routinely addresses the concerns of women, people with disabilities, the LGBT community, and generational divides within the legal profession. 

Despite MCCA’s marked influence in the field, however, much is still unaccomplished.  Currently, minority women constitute just 1.48% of partners in the nation’s major law firms, minority men account for only 3.53% of partners, and only 7.6% of the Fortune 500 GCs are minorities.  Moreover, there has been a recent trend towards reversing the gains minorities have struggled to make over the past 40 years. 

Therefore, the MCCA leadership is making a statement by embarking on an ambitious agenda embodied by the 10x10x10 Campaign (Campaign).  The Campaign seeks to raise $10 million by 2010 via a dynamic and aggressive fundraising initiative.  A successful campaign would allow MCCA to re-commit to its concerns and interests, and add to its scope of services.    

The funds raised by the campaign would be used to expand the programs and services most integral to MCCA’s mission.  Half of the total funds raised would be invested in research and education aimed at enabling firms and corporations to become more diverse.  This effort would include a reinvestment in current research, an undertaking of new research projects, and a strong initiative to become a leader in scholarly debate.  Another $3 million would be devoted to diversity training and credentialing programs.  These would provide practical “how-to” guidance, addressing the promotion and retention of minority attorneys to a variety of professionals.  The remaining $2 million would be invested in what many believe is the cornerstone of MCCA’s mission: the financial support of deserving minority law-school students.  MCCA hopes to expand existing scholarships and make similar inroads aimed at facilitating the education of minority law-school students.  The funds also would be applied to creating an online national mentoring program that would permit rising minority law students and lawyers to connect with established minority attorneys and receive the benefits of experienced advice.

To learn more about the Campaign, please see “Join the 10x10x10 Campaign,” by Francisco Ramos Jr., Esq., published in the January/February 2008 issue of Diversity & the Bar.  If you are interested in participating in this worthwhile program, please contact Veta Richardson, MCCA’s Executive Director, at  202-739-5910 or

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