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Nation's Toughest Immigration Law Nets Mercedes-Benz Executive

When Alabama governor Robert Bentley learned about the incident he called the state's homeland security director to find out what had happened, according to The Washington Post. There was no mistake; the arrest was exactly what was supposed to happen under the new law.

The executive was released when a co-worker brought his passport to the police station. The executive forgot it in his hotel room.

The law’s supporters have insisted it’s not about xenophobia; it’s about upholding the law and protecting citizens’ jobs from an influx of illegal immigrants. But some are now concerned that rival states could use it to lure businesses by painting Alabama as hostile to foreigners.

Farmers have also objected to the law, saying they’ve lost parts of their harvest because it scared away migrant workers. Few Americans have been willing to take the jobs they left, the AP reported last month.

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