Majority of News Stories Written by White Reporters

The report, by 4th Estate, found that Asian Americans write 4 percent of page one articles, with African American writing 2.1 percent and Hispanics penning 0.9 percent, while white journalists write 93 percent. The general population of the United States is 56.1 percent white, 16.3 percent Hispanic, close to 5 percent Asian, and 12.6 percent black.

Major stories on the economy, social issues, foreign policy, and immigration were overwhelming written by white reporters, the majority of whom were male. The topic least likely to be covered by a minority journalist was immigration. Minority journalists were more likely to write about social issues than any other topic.

A few bright spots remained. The Dallas Morning News had 21.2 percent of its front-page stories written by minorities. On the other side of the spectrum is the San Francisco Chronicle, which had 100 percent of its stories written by whites.

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