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MCCA Members and Supporters Are Prominently Featured in The Power 100

The list was compiled by On Being a Black Lawyer (OBABL), an organization founded in 2008 that now focuses on all minority attorneys. Here is a link to the Power 100.

The 100 attorneys selected by the organization includes several key MCCA members and supporters. On page 118 MCCA President and CEO Joe West is featured.  MCCA board member Hinton Lucas (page 61) and Vernon Baker (page 48) are found in the “Executives” section. Board members Tom Sager (page 163) and Don Liu (page 157) are included in the “Advocates” section.

Some former Diversity & the Bar cover subjects include Ben Crump (page 94), Sunny Hostin (page 95), Anthony Pierce (page 82), Ben Wilson (page 89), and John Daniels Jr. (page 77). D&B contributors Ryan Smith (page 103), DeMaurice Smith (page 101), Theresa Cropper (108), Robert Gray (109), John E. Page (115), Laurie Robinson (117), Kenneth Imo (139), Sherry Williams (page 74), Kim Rucker (70), Kim Keenan (130), and Debo Adegbile (128) are also featured. More honorees will be found in the pages of Diversity & the Bar as the year progresses.


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