Lawyers Cup Challenge (LCC)

MCCA is pleased to host the 7th Annual “Lawyers Cup Challenge”  at Doral Golf Resort & Spa on the infamous Gold Course.  This event is designed to encourage the competitive spirit of MCCA’s networking guests.

This challenge will test your ability to drive, chip and putt, not to mention a chance to compete for the MCCA Lawyers Cup trophy and to have bragging rights for one year as the best Lawyer player within the MCCA network!

This highly competitive event will be for the top 50 best handicaps ranging from 0 to 25. This PGA style stroke play event will take place on the rigorous Gold course.

We encourage you to enter the LCC to see what the Pros go through when the pressures of having to hit fairways and make un-nerving putts with the tournament on the line. MCCA invites you to enter this fun competitive event as you vie with your peers under the strict rules that govern the game of golf; we also ask that you brush up on your rules of the game as well to ensure a successful event.


Q: What do I need to do to sign up?

A: All players for the LCC must be registered for the 10th Annual General Counsel Invitational Diversity Leadership Summit.  Separate registration is required for the LCC at an additional cost of $250 per player. As we are only accepting the fist 50 applications with the best handicaps, you are encouraged to register early.

Q: When and where will this challenge event be held?

A: This event will take place Thursday, April 18, 2013, with an 8:00am shotgun start, on the Gold course at Doral.

Q: Why only 0-25 handicaps and only the first 50?

A: We try to create an event for the serious golfer who feels the need to get out and play a round with others at his or her skill level and be competitive while doing so. The selected level handicap was chosen to match the toughness of the Gold Course. We also decided to do only the first 50, as this event will take a great deal of monitoring, as you play under strict PGA rules.

Q: What is the format for this event?

A: This event will play as individual competition play with each player maintaining his or her own score. It will be governed by rules of golf, and officially monitored by PGA certified players. Individuals will be sent out as foursomes as everyone in the group will be responsible for policing his or herself as well as interpreting the rules for their playing partners. It will be a shot-gun start with everyone completing an 18 hole official round.

Q: What is the cost for the Lawyers Cup Challenge?

A: There will be a separate fee of $250 for all players wishing to compete in the LCC.  Players must be a registered attendee of the 10th Annual GCI weekend. All payments must be received prior to play in the tournament.

Q: How will you pair me based on my handicap?

A: This event is based on competition, so the pairing will be strong player with mid-level player to higher handicap player. This is designed to not only test your skill, but to test the strength of your mental game as well as ensure that rules are enforced, with the lower handicap person knowing most of the general rules of the game.

Q: What is the deadline for registration?

A: The deadline for this event is very tricky, as we will only take the first 50, so we encourage you to get your registration in immediately, and you will be informed from MCCA on the cut-off participation of this event. The suggested deadline is March 30th, 2013, again, we believe if you attempt to wait until the deadline date your chances of getting in are very low.


Michael Garner of eTera Consulting
5th Annual LCC Champion