Active African-American Article III Judges

Article III of the Constitution created the U.S. Supreme Court and gave Congress the power to create the federal courts of appeals and district courts. Since 1789, more than 3,427 judges have served on Article III courts. Currently, there are 149 active African-American Article III Judges.

Supreme Court of the United States

The Supreme Court consists of the Chief Justice of the United States and eight associate justices. At its discretion, and within certain guidelines established by Congress, the Supreme Court each year hears a limited number of the cases it is asked to decide. Those cases may begin in the federal or state courts and usually involve important questions about the Constitution or federal law.

Judge Court Commission Status Gender
Clarence Thomas Supreme Court 10/18/1991 Active Male

Court of Appeals

The 94 U.S. judicial districts are organized into 12 regional circuits, each of which has a United States Court of Appeals. This court hears appeals from the district courts located within its circuit and appeals from decisions of federal administrative agencies. In addition, the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has nationwide jurisdiction to hear appeals in specialized cases, such as those involving patent laws and cases decided by the Court of International Trade and the Court of Federal Claims.

Judge Court Commission Status Gender
O. Rogeriee Thompson First Circuit 3/30/2010 Active Female
Amalya L. Kearse Second Circuit 6/21/1979 Senior Status 6/11/02 Female
Barrington Parker, Jr. Second Circuit 10/16/2001 Senior Status 10/10/09 Male
Raymond J. Lohier, Jr. Second Circuit 12/20/2010 Active Male
Joseph A. Greenaway, Jr. Third Circuit 2/12/2010 Active Male
Theodore McKee*** Third Circuit 6/9/1994 Active Male
Allyson K. Duncan Fourth Circuit 8/15/2003 Active Female
Andre M. Davis Fourth Circuit 11/10/2009 Senior Status 2/28/2014 Male
James A. Wynn Jr. Fourth Circuit 8/10/2010 Active Male
Roger L. Gregory Fourth Circuit 7/25/2001 Active Male
Carl Stewart*** Fifth Circuit 5/9/1994 Active Male
James E. Graves, Jr. Fifth Circuit 2/15/2011 Active Male
Bernice B. Donald Sixth Circuit 9/8/2011 Active Female
Damon J. Keith Sixth Circuit 10/21/1977 Senior Status 5/1/95 Male
Eric L. Clay Sixth Circuit 8/1/1997 Active Male
R. Guy Cole, Jr. Sixth Circuit 12/26/1995 Active Male
Ann Claire Williams Seventh Circuit 11/15/1999 Active Female
Lavenski R. Smith Eighth Circuit 7/19/2002 Active Male
J. Jerome Farris Ninth Circuit 9/27/1979 Senior Status 3/4/95 Male
Johnnie B. Rawlinson Ninth Circuit 7/26/2000 Active Female
Paul J. Watford Ninth Circuit 5/22/2012 Active Male
Jerome Holmes Tenth Circuit 8/9/2006 Active Male
Charles R. Wilson Eleventh Circuit 8/9/1999 Active Male
Harry Edwards DC Circuit 2/20/1980 Senior Status 11/3/05 Male
Janice Rogers Brown DC Circuit 6/10/2005 Active Female
Judith W. Rogers DC Circuit 3/11/1994 Active Female
Robert L. Wilkins DC Circuit 1/15/2014 Active Male

District Courts

The United States District Courts are the trial courts of the federal court system. Within limits set by Congress and the Constitution, the District Courts have jurisdiction to hear nearly all categories of federal cases, including both civil and criminal matters.

There are 94 federal district courts, including at least one district court in each state, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. Three territories of the United States—the Virgin Islands, Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands—have District Courts that hear federal cases, including bankruptcy cases.

Judge Court Commission Status Gender
Myron H. Thompson Alabama (MD) 9/29/1980 Senior Status 8/22/13 Male
Abdul K. Kallon Alabama (ND) 1/4/2010 Active Male
Raner C. Collins*** Arizona 8/3/1998 Active Male
Steven P. Logan Arizona 5/16/2014 Active Male
Brian Stacy Miller*** Arkansas (ED) 4/17/2008 Active Male
Consuelo B. Marshall California (CD) 9/30/1980 Senior Status 10/24/05 Female
Otis D. Wright II California (CD) 4/16/2007 Active Male
Andre Birotte Jr. California (CD) 8/8/2014 Active Male
Percy Anderson California (CD) 5/1/2002 Active Male
Terry Hatter, Jr. California (CD) 12/20/1979 Senior Status 4/22/05 Male
Garland E. Burrell, Jr. California (ED) 3/2/1992 Senior Status 7/4/12 Male
Morrison C. England, Jr.*** California (ED) 8/2/2002 Active Male
Troy L. Nunley California (ED) 3/26/2013 Active Male
Phyllis J. Hamilton California (ND) 5/25/2000 Active Female
Saundra Brown Armstrong California (ND) 6/18/1991 Senior Status 3/23/12 Female
Haywood Stirling Gilliam, Jr. California (ND) 12/19/2014 Active Male
Thelton E. Henderson California (ND) 6/30/1980 Senior Status 11/28/98 Male
John A. Houston California (SD) 10/7/2003 Active Male
Raymond P. Moore Colorado 3/26/2013 Active Male
Wiley Daniel Colorado 6/30/1995 Senior Status 1/1/13 Male
Alvin Thompson Connecticut 10/11/1994 Active Male
Vanessa L. Bryant Connecticut 4/2/2007 Active Female
Victor Allen Bolden Connecticut 11/21/2014 Active Male
Gregory M. Sleet Delaware 4/30/1998 Active Male
Christopher R. Cooper District of Columbia 3/28/2014 Active Male
Emmet Sullivan District of Columbia 6/16/1994 Active Male
Henry Kennedy District of Columbia 9/18/1997 Senior Status 11/18/11 Male
Ketanji Brown Jackson District of Columbia 3/26/2013 Active Female
Reggie B. Walton District of Columbia 9/24/2001 Active Male
Richard W. Roberts*** District of Columbia 6/23/1998 Active Male
Tanya S. Chutkan District of Columbia 6/5/2014 Active Female
Brian J. Davis Florida (MD) 12/26/2013 Active Male
Charlene E. Honeywell Florida (MD) 11/12/2009 Active Female
Henry Lee Adams Florida (MD) 11/24/1993 Senior Status 4/8/10 Male
Mary Stenson Scriven Florida (MD) 9/30/2008 Active Female
Stephan P. Mickle Florida (ND) 5/22/1998 Senior Status 6/22/11 Male
Darrin Phillip
Gayles ±
Florida (SD) 6/19/2014 Active Male
Donald L. Graham Florida (SD) 9/16/1991 Senior Status 12/15/13 Male
Marcia G. Cooke Florida (SD) 5/18/2004 Active Female
Eleanor Louise Ross Georgia (MD) 11/20/2014 Active Female
Leslie Joyce Abrams Georgia (MD) 11/20/2014 Active Female
W. Louis Sands Georgia (MD) 5/9/1994 Senior Status 4/12/14 Male
Clarence Cooper Georgia (ND) 5/9/1994 Senior Status 2/9/09 Male
Horace T. Ward Georgia (ND) 12/6/1979 Senior Status 12/31/93 Male
Steve C. Jones Georgia (ND) 3/3/2011 Active Male
Joe Billy McDade Illinois (CD) 11/25/1991 Senior Status 2/28/10 Male
Andrea R. Wood Illinois (ND) 10/15/2013 Active Female
Blanche Manning Illinois (ND) 8/10/1994 Senior Status 2/1/10 Female
Sara L. Ellis Illinois (ND) 10/8/2013 Active Female
Sharon Johnson Coleman Illinois (ND) 7/13/2010 Active Female
Staci Michelle Yandle ± Illinois (SD) 6/19/2014 Active Female
Tanya Walton Pratt Indiana (SD) 6/15/2010 Active Female
Julie A. Robinson Kansas 12/13/2001 Active Female
Ivan L.R. Lemelle Louisiana (ED) 4/7/1998 Senior Status 6/29/15 Male
Nannette Jolivette Brown Louisiana (ED) 10/4/2011 Active Female
Brian A. Jackson*** Louisiana (MD) 6/15/2010 Active Male
George J. Hazel Maryland 5/2/2014 Active Male
George Levi Russell, III Maryland 5/22/2012 Active Male
William D. Quarles, Jr. Maryland 3/14/2003 Active Male
Denise Jefferson Casper Massachusetts 12/20/2010 Active Female
Anna Diggs Taylor Michigan (ED) 11/2/1979 Senior Status 12/31/98 Female
Denise Page Hood Michigan (ED) 6/16/1994 Active Female
Gershwin Allen Drain Michigan (ED) 8/8/2012 Active Male
Julian A. Cook, Jr. Michigan (ED) 9/23/1978 Senior Status 12/30/96 Male
Linda Vivienne Parker Michigan (ED) 3/17/2014 Active Female
Victoria Roberts Michigan (ED) 6/29/1998 Active Female
Michael James Davis*** Minnesota 3/28/1994 Active Male
Debra M. Brown Mississippi (ND) 11/5/2013 Active Female
Carlton W. Reeves Mississippi (SD) 12/20/2010 Active Male
Henry Wingate Mississippi (SD) 10/17/1985 Active Male
Carol Jackson Missouri (ED) 8/17/1992 Active Female
Ronnie L. White Missouri (ED) 7/17/2014 Active Male
Charles Shaw Missouri (ED) 11/22/1993 Senior Status 12/31/09 Male
Henry Edward Autrey Missouri (ED) 8/2/2002 Active Male
Brian C. Wimes Missouri (ED, WD) 4/30/2012 Active Male
Fernando J. Gaitan Missouri (WD) 8/2/1991 Senior Status 1/3/14 Male
James A. Beaty, Jr. N. Carolina (MD) 10/11/1994 Senior Status 6/30/14 Male
Loretta Copeland Biggs N. Carolina (MD) 12/19/2014 Active Female
Richard Franklin Boulware II Nevada 6/10/2014 Active Male
Anne E. Thompson New Jersey 11/2/1979 Senior Status 6/1/01 Female
Michael Shipp New Jersey 7/26/2012 Active Male
Susan D. Wigenton New Jersey 6/12/2006 Active Female
Williams Walls New Jersey 10/11/1994 Senior Status 1/31/05 Male
Margo K. Brodie New York (ED) 2/29/2012 Active Female
Sandra L. Townes New York (ED) 8/2/2004 Senior Status 5/1/15 Female
Sterling Johnson Jr. New York (ED) 7/2/1991 Senior Status 6/1/03 Male
William F. Kuntz New York (ED) 10/4/2011 Active Male
Analisa Torres New York (SD) 4/23/2013 Active Female
Andrew L. Carter, Jr. New York (SD) 12/8/2011 Active Male
Deborah Batts ± New York (SD) 5/9/1994 Senior Status 4/13/12 Female
George B. Daniels New York (SD) 3/9/2000 Active Male
Gregory H. Woods III New York (SD) 11/18/2013 Active Male
Laura Taylor Swain New York (SD) 7/11/2000 Active Female
Vernon S. Broderick New York (SD) 9/10/2013 Active Male
Benita Pearson Ohio (ND) 12/27/2010 Active Female
Solomon Oliver, Jr.*** Ohio (ND) 5/9/1994 Active Male
Algenon Marbley Ohio (SD) 11/7/1997 Active Male
Vicki Miles–LaGrange*** Oklahoma (WD) 11/28/1994 Active Female
Ancer Haggerty Oregon 3/28/1994 Senior Status 8/26/09 Male
C. Darnell Jones II Pennsylvania (ED) 10/30/2008 Active Male
Wendy Beetlestone Pennsylvania (ED) 11/21/2014 Active Female
J. Curtis Joyner Pennsylvania (ED) 4/13/1992 Senior Status 5/1/13 Male
Legrome D. Davis Pennsylvania (ED) 4/23/2002 Active Male
Petrese B. Tucker Pennsylvania (ED) 6/1/2000 Active Female
J. Michelle Childs South Carolina 8/20/2010 Active Female
Margaret B. Seymour South Carolina 10/22/1998 Senior Status 1/16/13 Female
Curtis Lynn Collier Tennessee (ED) 5/10/1995 Senior Status 10/31/14 Male
William Joseph Haynes, Jr. Tennessee (MD) 11/15/1999 Senior Status 12/1/14 Male
John T. Fowlkes, Jr. Tennessee (WD) 8/1/2012 Active Male
Sam Lindsay Texas (ND) 3/17/1998 Active Male
Kenneth Hoyt Texas (SD) 4/1/1988 Senior Status 3/2/13 Male
Vanessa Gilmore Texas (SD) 6/9/1994 Active Female
Alfred Homer Bennett Texas (SD) 4/15/2015 Active Male
George Carol Hanks, Jr. Texas (SD) 4/22/2015 Active Male
Arenda L. Wright Allen Virginia (ED) 5/12/2011 Active Female
Gerald Bruce Lee Virginia (ED) 10/1/1998 Active Male
James R. Spencer Virginia (ED) 10/14/1986 Senior Status 3/25/14 Male
Raymond Jackson Virginia (ED) 11/22/1993 Active Male
Richard A. Jones Washington (WD) 10/29/2007 Active Male
Irene C. Berger West Virginia (SD) 11/9/2009 Active Female
Charles N. Clevert Wisconsin (ED) 7/29/1996 Senior Status 10/31/12 Male


CD - Central District ED - Eastern District MD - Middle District ND - Northern District SD - Southern District
WD - Western District ± LGBT *** Current Chief Judge

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Judge William Henry Hastie

In 1937, President Franklin D. Roosevelt appointed William H. Hastie as the first African-American to serve a term on the federal court in the Virgin Islands.

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