Career Evolution

DeAnna D. Allen

DeAnna D. Allen

Allen is a partner at Cooley LLP and a member of the Intellectual Property Litigation and patent Counseling & Prosecution practice groups.

How to Avoid Gary Gunner and Dora Dormat Syndromes during Your Career

March/April 2016 - DO YOU OFTEN FEEL LIKE THE MAGNIFICENT CONTRIBUTIONS that you make at work go unacknowledged? Adding to this scenario, do you often (or at least sometimes) feel like other people get real recognition for their contributions—even their small ones—while their snafus are either never mentioned or quickly swept from the memories of those who matter?

Pearls of Wisdom from Your Peers

November/December 2015 - THIS COLUMN HAS PROVIDED ME WITH A PLATFORM to encourage attorneys to take active ownership of their careers, to not overlook the importance of developing their soft skills and to be proactive and persistent about finding (or, if necessary, rooting out) opportunities for career development. In this, the last installment of this column for the year, I share responses to two professional development questions that I posed to several senior-level in-house experience that these attorneys care deeply about our profession and believe that diversity plays a positive and synergistic role in their own development and in that of the profession at large. 

by DeAnna D. Allen

What Smart Attorneys Do When Professional Development is Stalled

September/October 2015 - OVER THE YEARS, I have had numerous conversations with attorneys lamenting the lack of access to professional opportunities in their respective workplaces. The less complex scenarios are manageable but often involve distracting levels of stress and frustration for the affected attorney.  The more complex scenarios can be debilitating and over time can erode talented attorneys’ sense of control over, and confidence in, their day-to-day work and their long-term careers. The common question underlying these situations is what to do when professional development is sluggish or stalled. There are no easy answers, but  here are a few things you can do to move toward answers that are right for you.

by DeAnna D. Allen

A Checklist of Soft Skills for Lawyers

July/August 2015 - SOFT SKILLS CAN HELP CREATE A SENSE OF LIKENESS, comfort and trust with your colleagues. Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, you can improve your soft skills. Based on my personal experiences and discussions with other senior-level  attorneys, I compiled a list of soft skills that have proven valuable to professional growth and development. 

by DeAnna D. Allen

The Role of Soft Skills in Your Professional Development Plan

May/June 2015 - FOR MANY YEARS, I HAVE OBSERVED THAT LAWYERS diligently work long hours in an effort to produce near-perfect work, leaving no time (or energy) to develop relationships and connections that could significantly boost their career trajectories. If you have this tendency,  then it is time to rebalance an adjust your professional development plan accordingly.

by DeAnna D. Allen

When It Comes to Self-Awareness, Information-Not Ignorance-Is Bliss

March/April 2015 - IN THE FIRST SEGMENT OF THIS COLUMN, I urged readers to be deliberate about professional development and to make sure they are not suffering from “Cinderella Syndrome.” I recommended that lawyers accept help and guidance throughout their career progression but that they take ultimate ownership of their professional development. Throughout the remaining segments of this column, I will share examples of ways in which diverse lawyers can do just that. 

by DeAnna D. Allen

Do You Suffer From Cinderella Syndrome?

January/February 2015 - PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT is an increasingly common subject of my conservations with a wide variety of lawyers. A common thread of these conversations is that virtually everyone, regardless of seniority level or current career path, is struggling with some aspect of professional development that they deem important. So, for those of you whose professional development journey feels a bit off course, you are in good company. Now, I do not mean this in a misery-loves-company kind of way. Just keep moving forward. 

by DeAnna D. Allen

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