Diverse Professional Development

Ruthie White

Ruthie White

Ruthie White is managing principal at Jackson Lewis PC, exclusively representing management in labor and employment matters.

The Benefits of Fear

September/October 2016 - I AM THE MANAGING PRINCIPAL of the Houston office of Jackson Lewis, P.C., specializing in labor and employment law. I believe you cannot lead and motivate others if you cannot motivate yourself.

by Ruthie White

How I Land Client$... Or, How to be a Rainmaker

July/August 2016 - IN MY MARCH/APRIL COLUMN, I said: “In law school, professors don’t tell students there tend to be two types of attorneys in law firms: rainmakers versus service attorneys.” In this issue, I want to discuss how to develop business for your legal practice.

by Jewell Lim Esposito

Why Humility Is a Neglected Leadership Trait

May/June 2016 - I GREATLY APPRECIATE THIS OPPORTUNITY to share my thoughts on professional development. But first, a few words about me: My best friend calls me “wife.” My greatest blessings call me “mom.” In this legal world, I am “Ruthie White,” managing principal of the Houston office of Jackson Lewis PC.

by Ruthie White

Three Strikes? Not So Fast

March/April 2016 - DAD CAUTIONED I HAD THREE STRIKES. I was 1) a girl; 2) Philippine-born and thus a “foreigner” in the U.S.; and 3) with a stated interest in medicine or law, headed for a “man’s world.”

by Jewell Lim Esposito

Great Minds Tackle Incomplete Work

January/February 2016 - It is my pleasure to be a new columnist for the Diverse Professional Development column. I have practiced employment law for 24 years, in both law firms and in-house. I am the daughter of first-generation immigrants, a mother of two and a woman of color.

by Misti Mukherjee

Calgarians Celebrating Diversity

November/December 2015 - NEVER SAY NEVER. A lot can happen in a few short years, as evidenced by the progress that Calgary has made as a city in terms of promoting and supporting diversity and inclusion, and Norton Rose Fulbright Canada LLP (Norton Rose Fulbright) is ecstatic to be an active leader and contributor to such progress. While our commitment to diversity and inclusion spans many diverse communities, our continued support of, and contribution to, the LGBTQA community is but one testament of the firm’s commitment to further promote and support diversity and inclusion.

by Lucy L'Hirondelle

Leveraging Diversity and Inclusion for Business Value

July/August 2015 - ALBERT EINSTEIN FAMOUSLY SAID that doing the same thing and expecting the result to change was his definition of insanity. Dow Corning’s legal department recognizes that getting diversity and inclusion right is a 21st century business imperative, and for this reason, we are doing things a bit differently.

by Matt Nolan

Law Firm Collaboration Fosters D&I, eh

May/June 2015 - THE LEVEL OF ENGAGEMENT, INVESTMENT and experience of law firms with diversity and inclusion efforts falls on a broad spectrum and indeed is quite diverse, even amongst firms of similar size and resources. While external consultants can help firms identify and navigate some of the more obvious issues, firms often lack opportunities to share their experiences and practices amongst themselves and collectively promote diversity and inclusion.

by John F. Clifford

Mentoring: A Powerful Tool for Inclusion

March/April 2015 - WHENEVER I ASK SUCCESSFUL LAWYERS to describe the factors they attribute to their success, one of the common themes is a strong and dedicated mentor. Done well, mentoring can also be a powerful tool for inclusion.

by Gina Rogakos

Digging Into Our Unconcious—Are There Implicit Biases There?

January/February 2015 - IT IS TEMPTING TO THINK that we do not need implicit bias training. Many well-intentioned people may have this reaction. As lawyers in particular, we are trained to consciously promote fairness, justice and equality. As a result, many lawyers believe they do not require additional training on this topic. What I have learned from personal experience, however, is that you don’t know what you don’t know.

by Gina Rogakos

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