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About M.A.P.

Our Challenge

The lack of scientifically objective benchmarks, strategies, and training to measure the effectiveness of diversity policies and practice at law firms and legal departments continue to perpetuate myths, unsubstantiated assumptions, and ineffective practices that hurt our ability to advance diversity, equity and inclusion in the legal profession.

Our Solution

Provide a scientifically grounded suite of assessment tools, leadership development training, and strategic services that empower in-house legal departments and law firms on their journey to establishing and implementing an effective and sustainable DEI program.

Advisory Services

With over 23 years of experience in advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in the legal profession, MCCA has been leading the discussion and is uniquely positioned to provide corporate legal departments and law firms with substantive, data-driven, and customized solutions for establishing and implementing effective and sustainable DEI programs. Each tier of service provides ample opportunities for listening, learning, peer-to-peer sharing, skillset development, strategy refinement, and practical guidance for systemic change. The following M.A.P. Advisory Services are designed to be customizable to fit your organizational context and business objectives.

M.A.P. Strategic Tools

Scientifically grounded and metrics-driven assessment tools that provide strategies and solutions to in-house legal departments and law firms as they work to mitigate the negative impact of systemic bias and racism within their organizations

M.A.P. Leadership Development

Immersive leadership experiences and training modules to inspire, empower and educate today’s legal leaders and develop diverse leaders of tomorrow

M.A.P. Strategic Services

Customizable suite of strategic services to help you establish and implement an effective and sustainable DEI strategy with data-driven metrics and accountability for systemic impact

M.A.P. Team & Partners

Thought-Leading Organization Driving Forward Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Legal Profession Through Strategic Partnerships & Groundbreaking Research.

Industry Leaders in DEI Research & Data Acquisition.

Strategy Consultants & Experienced Attorneys with Over 25 years in Corporate Legal Departments & Law Firms.

Academic Researchers & Data-Driven Content Experts in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Specializing in Root Cause Analysis of Racism & Examination of Systems with Expertise in Structural & Cultural Analysis.

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