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M.A.P. Leadership Development

Our immersive leadership experiences and training modules are designed to identify, develop, and promote talented diverse lawyers within in-house legal departments and law firms. In addition, our programs help diverse attorneys identify successful career strategies and develop leadership and management skills, as well as opportunities to find mentors to guide their career advancement.

Immersive Leadership Experiences

1000 Cut Journey VR Experience

What if you could literally walk in another person’s shoes? Stanford Virtual Human Interaction Lab and Columbia University Research Lab have created an experience that examines racism via virtual reality. They have created 1000 Cut Journey, an immersive virtual reality experience that allows you to walk in the shoes of Michael Sterling, a Black male, and encounter racism first-hand, as a young child, an adolescent, and a young adult. Understanding the social realities of racism is critical to promoting effective and collective social action.

Equity Track Program

The Equity Track Program was developed to address the lack of diversity within the equity partnership levels at majority law firms as reported by our Law Firm Diversity Survey. It is a twelve-month program that selects ten diverse income partners at major law firms. It is designed to achieve three goals: identify, develop and promote diverse partners to achieve and maintain equity status within their firms.

C-Suite Leadership Institute

The C-Suite Leadership Institute is an effort by senior leaders in the legal community to effectively change the landscape of the legal profession at its highest levels, specifically in the C-Suite as general counsel in Fortune 500 companies. The day-long program provides a platform for senior leaders to identify, develop, and promote talented attorneys of color. It is structured with panels, workshops, and individual meetings with influential leaders.

Sources of Success

Sources of Success™ (the “Program”) is a twelve-month professional development program tailored for junior and mid-level women and diverse attorneys from corporate legal departments and law firms. The focus is on identifying successful career strategies and allowing attorneys to develop leadership and management skills, as well as an opportunity for attorneys to find the right mentor to guide their career advancement.

Business Development Workshop for Outside Counsel

Through instruction and experiential learning, participants will work together to learn skills and behaviors for building successful business relationships. Outside counsel will have the opportunity to work in teams to develop a formal pitch from a mock RFP for legal services, which will be presented to senior in-house counsel coaches.

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