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M.A.P. Strategic Services

Comprehensive cultural assessments and the development of robust DEI programs are on the agenda of every organization that strives to be a first-class employer of choice and leader in the industry. MAP Strategic Services will address common challenges organization’s face when implementing an effective diversity, equity and inclusion strategic plan. Challenges such as accurately framing the challenge; identifying the root causes of racism and planning for systematically reducing and eliminating racial inequities; recognizing the complexity of unconscious bias and targeting it in isolation; creating a safe workplace environment for open dialogue, practical input and sharing of best practices; integrating senior leadership in addressing the structural and cultural factors and securing commitment for change; and strategizing and implementing a systemic and holistic plan that results in measurable impact.

Our A.I.M. Strategy

Assess organizational data, policies and procedures regarding hiring, retention, and promotion

Integrate data-driven strategy with measurable objectives

Mobilize a sustainable practice with systemic impact

Our Ideal Partner

Corporate Legal Departments and Law Firms that are Committed to:

  • Seeking Sustainable Solutions and Not Simply a Quick Fix
  • Allocating Necessary Resources (i.e., Time, People, and Budget)
  • Having Senior Leadership Support and Involvement
  • Data-Driven Approaches (i.e., Measurement and Accountability Focused to Inform Strategic Analysis and Strategy Integration)
  • Thinking Big and Thinking Bold
  • Leading (Not Just Follow Trends), Disrupting, and Innovating
  • Transparency & Exploring Solutions with Committed Partners
  • Creating a Safe Workplace Environment for Open Dialogue, Practical Input, and Sharing of Best Practices

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