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MCCA Memberships

The MCCA is the preeminent voice on diversity issues in the legal profession. We provide industry-shaping publications, research, career development and curated networking events designed to connect its members to thought-leaders and one another.

Founded in 1997, MCCA is a 501(c)(3) corporate counsel association. In 2011, MCCA realized the value of partnership with law firms and created the Firm Affiliate Network (“FAN”) membership. The power of partnership and its benefits became more clear over time, and in 2017, MCCA revamped its membership structure to include both corporate legal departments and law firms. MCCA created its one membership model open to all corporate legal departments and law firms based on their needs and interest in engagement. In addition to creating more diverse legal departments and law firms, MCCA helps its members foster more inclusive and equitable legal departments and law firms – environments where underrepresented groups feel empowered to speak freely about their opinions and perspectives.

For questions about membership or membership renewals:


Substantive content and  training that fosters a culture of learning and drives diversity and inclusion forward in the legal profession.


Industry-renowned research to guide the conversation, increase cultural competence, and implement a sustainable and impactful diversity and inclusion program.


Support and development  of the whole lawyer through each stage of their career whether in a corporate law department or a law firm.  Focusing on professional skills, critical thinking,  business acumen and strategic relationships  – all critical to success in today’s legal environment.


Collaborate and connect with legal professionals, and build professional relationships that can lead to business development opportunities or new career paths.

Law Firm

Is your law firm committed to advancing diversity and inclusion in the legal profession? MCCA has a place for you. Join MCCA as a member and help your firm be better prepared to meet the expectations of top clients that demand diversity and results.


Is your in-house legal team committed to advancing diversity and inclusion in the legal profession? MCCA has a place for you. Join other in-house legal departments and their general counsel who advocate for the expanded hiring, retention and promotion of underrepresented racial/ethnic attorneys.

What does #RiseUnited mean?

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MCCA Membership Principles


Regular communications from senior law firm management to all employees about the importance of diversity.


Fully-inclusive non-discrimination policy.


Must have a formal diversity plan and a standing diversity committee/team or at a minimum, a commitment to create a formal diversity plan and standing diversity committee/team within one year of membership.


Implementing a successful diversity initiative is finding the right measures. Metrics should be dictated by the organization’s diversity strategy and goals, and understand the “differences that make a difference”.


Inclusion of diverse attorneys on key client pitches and business development opportunities and when new business results, inclusion of these attorneys on the actual assignments.


Management and monitoring of work allocation and/or hours billed to ensure diverse attorneys have equal access/inclusion on top client matters and quality work assignments.


A mentoring program which considers the needs of diverse attorneys.


Adoption of viable work/life balance and flextime programs.


Demonstrated support of underrepresented racial/ethic group bar associations.


Participation in the Annual MCCA Guide to Law Firm Diversity survey where applicable.

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