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Scholarship Donation FAQs

Organizations wishing to support the LMJ Scholarship can do so by:

  • funding a scholarship student;
  • offering an internship to a scholarship student; or
  • mentoring a scholarship student during their three years of law school.

Donations to the LMJ Scholarship are encouraged at the following levels:

  • $10,000 to support an aspiring diverse lawyer for their first year of law school; or
  • $30,000 to support an aspiring lawyer for three years of law school.

Sponsoring organizations benefit from the fresh perspectives, drive, and energy of their Fellows while enjoying the following recognition:

  • Fellows are named for the sponsoring organization (e.g. The ABC Corporation Fellow).
  • Sponsoring organizations are recognized at MCCA’s annual New York gala dinner, before an audience of more than 1,100 attendees, and at select MCCA events throughout the year.
  • Sponsoring organizations are featured in all Fellowship-related press releases.
  • Sponsoring organizations receive guaranteed press coverage regarding their support of the Fellowship Program at least twice per year in MCCA’s magazine, Diversity & the Bar®, with a circulation of 35,000.
  • Sponsoring organizations’ names are sent, with Fellowship promotional materials, to every ABA accredited law school in the country.
  • Sponsoring organizations are listed on the Law School Admissions Council web site in connection with LSAC’s promotion of the MCCA LMJ Scholarship.
  • Sponsoring organizations are listed on MCCA’s web site.

To learn more, please contact: Sophia Piliouras at (202) 739-5902.

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