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MCCA Bias Interrupters Survey Report

The Minority Corporate Counsel Association (MCCA) is proud to provide first-of-its-kind survey showing that systemic bias across the legal profession presents significant barriers to gender and racial equity. The study, You Can’t Change What You Can’t See, examines implicit gender and racial bias in legal workplaces and offers new solutions and tools for interrupting bias across the legal profession.

Conducted by the Center for WorkLife Law at the University of California, Hastings College of the Law on behalf of MCCA and The American Bar Association’s Commission on Women in the Profession, this report presents a stark picture of the obstacles hindering many lawyers from achieving their potential. ABA President Bob Carlson explains, “The remedies it [the study] suggests – using metrics to encourage fairness – will lead the way to better employment practices and greater diversity, which will benefit the entire legal profession and our clients.”

From hiring, promotion assignment and compensation in the legal industry, overall, women of color reported the highest level of bias in almost every workplace process in the survey.

“This study confirms what many of us have known about the legal profession for some time, that women, especially women of color, face a lot of barriers to success and aren’t measured as equals by their employers and peers,” said MCCA CEO Jean Lee. “We need to take a different approach to diversity issues and use the findings of this study and metrics from across the industry to drive meaningful solutions to combat workplace discrimination in the legal field.”

While it is clear there is much more to be done to improve and support equality within the legal profession, we believe this study and the results will significantly help corporate legal departments and law firms mitigate the potential negative impact of an unconscious bias.

The survey report also includes Bias Interrupters Toolkits. Derived from the research, these “bias interrupters” are evidence-based and metrics-driven. The “bias interrupters” were designed to assist corporate legal departments and law firms mitigate the potential negative impact of an unconscious bias.

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The 2018 Summer issue of MCCA’s Diversity & the Bar magazine also discusses the study’s findings and the key areas of focus. The article provides additional information on the study and takes a closer look at the types of biased examined.

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